This Dte is a nodal agency in all matters of Joint Training in HQ IDS which dealswith the following.
(a)      Foreign Training (Outgoing Courses).

(i) Obtain Vacancies.
(ii) Receive, Analyse & allocate vacancy to services.
(iii)Process where More than one service is involved.
(iv) Obtain approval of empowered committee & Internal screening Committed
(v) Issue Govt Sanction Letter.

(b)     Foreign Trg (Incoming Courses/Visits)

(i) Obtain demand of FFCs through DAs.
(ii)Propose allocation of vacancies at AFTIs.
(iii)Issue Offer letters to FFCs
(iv)Coord ‘In Visits’ to AFTIs

(c)     Trg & Policy

(i) All Jt Trg related issues between Trg Cmds & SHQs are discussed.
(ii)Responsible for Co-ordinating Annual Training Visit Calendar of three services.
(iii)Conducts Comdts’ Conclave of Pre-commissioning TrainingAcademies.
(iv)Coord ‘In Visits’ to AFTIs

(d)     Trg & Coord

(i)Co-ordinate the process of selecting Tri-Services Offrs for M Tech Course through Recruitment & Assessment Centre (DRDO).
(ii)Conducts Media Courses at IIMC, JNU, New Delhi.
(iii)Conducts Faculty Development Programms of Short Duration

(e)     School of Foreign Language

(i)Functional control of SFL transferred from JS (Est/Trg) & CAO/MoD to HQ IDS on 04 May 17. Details annexed as Appx ‘A’.