National War Memorial and Mueseum

National War Memorial has been constructed to honour the brave soldiers of India who have laid down their lives in service of the country since independence. It symbolises Nation’s gratitude and respect towards the personnel who made the supreme sacrifice. Consequent upon a decision of the Cabinet in December 2015 to create the War Memorial on Eastern flank of the Central Vista astride Rajpath, an International Competition was held to select the design.

While designing this monument with immense emotional and patriotic sentiments, the architect intended to create a Memorial where the immortality of the spirit of a soldier is celebrated while we offer our homage and respect to their indomitable courage. Layout of four concentric circles signifies a characteristic feature of the War Memorial with each layer representing the journey of a soldier from birth to martyrdom.

Amar Chakra
Circle of Immortality:

The obelisk with eternal flame symbolises immortality of the spirit of a soldier with an assurance that the Nation will never forget their sacrifices.

Veer Chakra
Circle of Bravery:

A shaded gallery that exhibits the valiant acts of our Armed Forces during operations represented through bronze murals.

Tyag Chakra
Circle of Sacrifice:

Names of soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice, inscribed in golden letters on granite tablets arranged in a circular pattern which symbolises the ancient war formation ‘Chakravyuh’.

Rakshak Chakra
Circle of Protection:

Row of dense trees in the Rakshak Chakra is a reassurance to the citizens of the country about their safety against any threat with each tree representing many soldiers who guard territorial integrity of the Nation round the clock.

Either Slain Thou Shalt Go to Heaven;
Or Victorious Thou Shalt Enjoy The Earth.

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