The charter of duties in brief are given as under:-

  • (a) He shall function as the Principal Med Advisor to the CIDS/Chairman COSC in all matters pertaining to med planning and Ops, health of troops, all med aspects of NBC Warfare techniques and disaster relief.
  • (b) To function as an interface between the Office of the DGAFMS and HQ IDS on all matters pertaining to med manpower, induction, training, development of med tactical doctrines, med eqpt and stores as well as providing technical and professional inputs for all publications/guidelines/books and pamphlets pertaining to med matters to be published under the aegis of the IDS.
  • (c) In his capacity as med advisor, process all med/health related issues needing approval of the HQ IDS and COSC.
  • (d) Routine adm of the med branch at HQ IDS, implementation of relevant policies, instructions and orders.
  • (e) Conduct departmental inspections, tech supervision of all Fmns/est/units under the Comd and Control HQ IDS.
  • (f) Function as a special invitee to MSAC and AFMRC.
  • (g) DCIDS (Med) to be invited to following committees when matters pertaining to AFMS are on agenda:-

    (i) Joint Operations Committee.
    (ii) Def Crisis Mgt Gp.
    (iii) Joint Planning Committee.

  • (h) Sub allot trg vacancies for AFMS officers for undergoing various tri- services courses of instructions as assigned by HQ IDS from time to time including JSSO NBC, DSSC course etc
  • (i) Training. Coordinate and ensure uniform standards of inter – service trg of JCOs / OR (& eqvt).
  • (j) The development of Sports Medicine infrastructure in the AFMS under the Med Br of HQ IDS.
  • (k) Being tri – service in nature, technical aspects of ECHS be brought under the ambit of HQ IDS.
  • (l) Pre – assessing agency of AFMS hospitals for accreditation by NABH.
  • (m) DCIDS (Med) to be the Chairman of the evaluation committee for selection of the best and second best Command Hospitals / eqvt of AFMS for award of the RM Trophy, every alternate year. In the year when DCIDS (Med) is not the Chairman, the Secretary of the evaluation committee will be from HQ IDS (Med).
  • (n) Will visit service hospitals to render advice relating to state of Disaster / CBRN preparedness and IT development, with due concurrence of respective DGsMS and approval of DGAFMS.