Background:- The need for establishing National Defence University was felt for the first time in the sixties. The COSC mooted a proposal in 1967 for setting up a Defence Services University. The proposal after discussion with various ministries and UGC, was modified for setting up a Defence Wing in the JNU, which was then in the process of being established as a Central University.

 In Sep 1980, the Chairman COSC constituted a Study Gp under Lt Gen AM Sethna, PVSM, AVSM, the then VCOAS to re-examine the proposal for establishing the Defence University. The Study Gp submitted its report in Dec 1982 and emphasised the need to set up an Apex Body in the form of Indian Defence University to coordinate the training and educational activities in the Service Institutions and award appropriate degrees.

 The Kargil Review Committee in 1999, recommended setting up of a Defence University to address the deficiencies in India’s security management system. Based on the recommendations of the GoM, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 23 Jul 01 appointed a committee under the Chairmanship of Late Dr. K Subrahmanyam to examine the establishment of the NDU in India (CONDU). Based on GoM approval and recommendations of CONDU, HQ IDS was tasked to process the case for establishment of IDU. A Project Formulation Team (PFT) under the aegis of HQ IDS was thus constituted with COSC mandate in Aug 2004 to steer Project IDU and the charter is given as under: -

  • Orchestration and coord of activities for setting up of IDU.

  • Monitor issues related to land, preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and drafting of IDU Bill, Statutes, Layout Plans & associated Cabinet Notes.

  • Monitor infrastructure development at IDU site.

  • Faculty development, studentship, org & development linkages with Services, Govt Depts, other institutions and Universities.

  • Steer Project IDU till selection of President IDU & raising of University Development and Management Authority (UDMA

 Faculty :The SFL has a highly trained and experienced faculty. The Lecturers are recruited through the UPSC with a minimum Masters qualification and most have also completed their PhD in the concerned foreign language.

 Courses: The SFL conducts the following courses: -

  •  Certificate of Proficiency (COP) Courses COP is a part time course of one year duration for defence personnel posted at Delhi, their dependents and civilians.

  •  Advance Diploma of Proficiency (ADOP) Courses The ADOP is a part time course for one year - only personnel who have cleared COP can appear for the ADOP.

  • Interpreter Ship Courses The Interpreter ship Course is the Flagship course at the SFL and is a full time course that ranges from 16 ½ to 23 ½ months duration. This is subscribed by personnel sponsored by the Services.

  Presently the Dte is headed by Brig PK Goyal, DACIDS (IDU) with a team of two Directors and one Joint Director.

  Objects of the University Indian Defence University has been broadly envisioned as a teaching and affiliating University to develop and promote higher education and research in National Security Studies, Defence Management, Defence Technology and allied areas; to serve as think tank contributing to policy formulation; to prepare the personnel of the national security establishments and the academic community from within India and from friendly foreign countries for high-level leadership, staff and policy responsibilities; and to create competencies related to national security issues.

  Approved Cabinet Note (ACN) - 2010 In May 2010, the Union Cabinet accorded ‘In Principle’ approval for setting up of IDU at Binola, Gurgaon. After acquisition of approx. 202 Acre land at Binola, the foundation stone was laid by Hon’ble PM on 23 May 13.

  Setting up of University at Temp Loc IDU would be a fully autonomous institution to be constituted under an Act of Parliament. It will not be a UGC University nor will it follow UGC norms. IDU will come into being post enactment of IDU Act. After which, construction will commence at Binola. Phase I is likely to take 3-4 years, till then present loc of the Dte i.e. Jodhpur Offrs’ Hostel has been identified as a suitable temp loc for Def University.

 Visibility to IDU In order to give visibility to IDU, a three day trg capsule on ‘Defence Acquisition Management’ was conducted by CDM under the aegis of Dte of IDU at Jodhpur Officers’ Hostel, from 16-18 May 18. A total strength of 30 students officers, who were slated to join or currently tenanting the billets related to Acquisition / Procurement at SHQs / Command HQs / Corps attended the capsule. Apart from lectures by DSs from CDM, five guest lectures and three case studies on the topics related to Defence Acquisition Management were also presented to the students. It was a historic day on 16 May 18 as this was the very first trg capsule conducted under the aegis of Dte of IDU.