Joint Indo-Russia Tri-Services Exercise INDRA-2017 was successfully conducted from 19 to 29 Oct 2017 at Vladivostok in Russia. This is the first Joint Tri-Services Exercise between Russia and India.   The theme of Exercise INDRA-2017 was ‘Preparation and Conduct of Operations by a Joint Force for Suppression of International Terror Activity at the request of a host country under UN mandate’.     Almost 1000 personnel from the Indian Defence Forces along with over 1000 personnel from the Russian Defence Forces participated in the exercise.  The exercise was conducted in the Sergeevsky Combined Arms Training Range, Cape Klerk Training Area and the waters of the Sea of Japan.     It was a historic occasion for two of the world’s greatest Armed Forces to join hands and successfully conduct an exercise of this magnitude with utmost professionalism. The exercise provided an opportunity for both defence forces to imbibe the best practices from each other and jointly evolve and practice drills to defeat the scourge of terror. The exercise was a combination of training and cross training in field conditions on land, sea and air, to achieve seamless integration. The validation of the exercise tasks is a testimony of the contingents of both countries having integrated and synergised seamlessly to achieve the laid down objectives.  The exercise also provided an opportunity to all personnel for cultural exchange and for friendly sports competitions.     Exercise INDRA-2017 will surely be a benchmark for future exercises of this nature across the world.  The esprit de corps and goodwill generated during the exercise will facilitate further strengthening of bonds between the defence forces of India and Russia enabling them to understand each other’s organisations and the methodology of executing joint counter terrorist operations. It is even more satisfying that this milestone in Indo-Russia defence cooperation has been realised as we commemorate 70 years of Indo-Russian friendship.