After attending the Biennial Chief of General Staff Meeting of SCO Member Countries on 28 Aug 18, Lt Gen Satish Dua, CISC attended the final phase of #SCOEx PEACE MISSION at CHERBAKUL.

The Exercise was set in international counter terrorism backdrop. All eight member countries of SCO (China, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, India & Pakistan) participated.

India participated in an SCO Ex for the first time. Lt Gen Satish Dua visited & interacted with the Indian Contingent taking part in the Exercise & complimented them for their stellar performance in the Exercise as well as in the sports competitions conducted in the sidelines. CISC met & interacted with Gen Valery Gerasimov, Chief of Gen Staff & 1st Dy Def Minister of the Russian Federation. He also interacted with Chiefs of General Staff of all SCO member countries. Earlier, on 28 Aug, CISC had a formal bilateral meeting with Tajikistan Chief of General Staff Lt Gen Sobirzoda Emomali Abdurakhim. CISC also interacted with the Media on termination of final phase of the Exercise.

In the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Exercise PEACE MISSION 2018 that was held in Cherbakul, Russia from 22 to 28 Aug 18, one day each was allocated to the eight Contingents from SCO Member Countries to showcase their Country's Culture & Cuisine. 28th Aug was the day earmarked for India. All the Delegation Leaders and troops of the participating Contingents were invited for the cultural show and dinner hosted by the Indian Contingent, which put up a scintillating performance that left the audience spellbound. The rich and diverse cultural heritage of India was beautifully displayed through regional dances, martial arts displays and songs.

The delegations were treated to the diverse Indian Cuisine in dinner. The formal Closing Ceremony of the Exercise was conducted on 29th Aug in the presence of Lt Gen Alexander Lapin, Commander of the Central Military District, Russian Federation. India participated for the first time in the #SCO Exercise. So did Pakistan. Professionally, Indian Contingent excelled in the Exercise, which promoted interoperability, enabled sharing of best practices & contributed to bilateral relations with SCO Member Countries. The Indian Contingent was adjudged second best in sports amongst contingents from China, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan other than India. The host, Russia, bagged the first position. The Indian Contingent commenced de-induction from Shagol(Chelyabinsk), via Volgograd on 30 Aug.