JOINT EXERCISES:- Defence Forces, world over, undertake bilateral and multilateral Joint Exercises with the Defence Forces of other friendly foreign countries (FFCs). Indian Armed Forces also regularly participate in various bilateral and multilateral exercises with the Defence Forces of other nations. These exercises are varied in nature in terms of being service specific or being Joint Tri-Services Exercises. Such exercises are conducted at varied locations and generally espouse diverse themes.

Participation in Bilateral/ Multilateral Joint exercises accrues a number of benefits to the forces of participating countries, the foremost being to exchange and imbibe the good practices being followed by either of the forces. It also enables the forces to evolve and practice joint strategies and procedures in addition to training for various contingencies. These exercises also provide an opportunity for personnel of the participating nations to bond together through cultural exchanges and friendly sports competitions. The esprit-de-corps and goodwill generated during these joint exercises facilitates the defence forces to establish strong bonding and enables them to understand each other’s organizations and methodology of undertaking specific operations. Occasions like joint bilateral and multilateral exercises also prepare the participating forces for operating with ease in a multinational environment in future like undertaking operations under the UN umbrella.