Aatmanirbhar Bharat

1. Visit by Tetra Soft Global Team. CDM was given a demo by 'Tetra Soft Global Team on iEva-Intelligence Embodied Virtual Assistant' an indigenously built conversational multi-nodal contextual AI solution on 06 Nov 22. The demonstration highlighted possible areas of application to enhance teaching - assimilation quotient in pedagogy.

2. Guest Lecture on Train-18/ Vande Bharat Express - A Project Management Perspective. Mr Sudhanshu Mani, General Manager (Retd), Integral Coach Factory, Chennai delivered a talk on 'Train-18/ Vande Bharat Express - A Project Management Perspective' to personnel of College of Defence Management on 16 Nov 22.

3. India @ 2047: Dealing with Uncertainties on the Path to Developed Country Status. Shri Suman Bery, Vice Chairperson, Niti Aayog, New Delhi, delivered a talk on 'India @ 2047: Dealing with Uncertainties on the Path to Developed Country Status' on 18 Nov 22 to the HDMC-18 participants at CDM, Secunderabad. The Speaker gave insights on Scenario thinking, discipline & contexts and implications of developed country status.

4. Industry Perspective on Capital Acquisition. Mr Jayant Damodar Patil, Advisor to the CEO & MD for Defence & Smart World, L&T Defence Business, Mumbai, gave a talk on 'Industry Perspective on Capital Acquisition' at CDM on 22 Nov 22. The Speaker spoke on the strategic need for a robust acquisition policy, contribution of the private sector in Space, Nuclear & Defence Sectors, Evolution of DPP & Defence Capital Procurement and highlighted opportunities in Aatmanirbharta initiatives.

Development of Border Regions

5. 5th India Forum on China @ Goa (IFC). Institute of Chinese Studies, New Delhi organised its 5th India Forum on China from 27 Nov to 28 Nov 22 at Goa with the topic, "Communist Party of China in The New Era". CDM was invited for the forum. The Forum covered all aspects of current topics prime being New Xi Era, Xinxiang, Economy, Idea's and Narrative and Outward Reach Policy of China.

Empowerment of Women and Children

6. Self-Awareness Life Skills & Responsible Citizens Course (SALSRC). Valedictory Function for the 7th Self Awareness, Life Skills & Responsible Citizenship (SALSRC) course conducted for the spouses, was held at CDM Secunderabad on 29 Nov 2022. 42 ladies participated in the nine-week course, jointly certified by CDM & Osmania University, Hyderabad.


1. Cultural Evening. A cultural evening on 25 Nov 22 was organised in Sekhon hall which included rendition of folk songs, traditional dances, band, skits and national costume display.

2. Hike. DSSC organised a hike to the ancient 'Toda Village' located in the bosom of the Nilgiris. Over 300 officers, ladies and children participated in the hike.


1. Tree plantation. As a part of "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav", a tree plantation drive was carried out by MILIT, wherein approx 30 trees were planted in the premises of MILIT facilities at Girinagar. Tree plantation is significant because it is linked to our basic need for good food to eat and clean air to breathe. Apart from these necessities, it aids in biodiversity, conserve water, preserve soil and control climate.

2. Badminton Championship. As part of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, a Badminton championship event was conducted at MILIT for student officers of Army, Navy and Air Force Faculties. A total of 103 student officers including lady officers participated in the championship.


1. "Health & Wellness" was the underlying theme for the activities conducted during the month of Nov 22 and the same is enumerated in the succeeding paragraph.

2. Power Yoga Demonstration. Cadets of Yoga Club demonstrated their power yoga skills at Bombay Stadium on 10 Nov 22. During the demo, the Cadets performed more than 30 Yogasanas (postures) within a time span of five minutes with high level of proficiency. The aim of this activity was to re-emphasize the importance of Yoga in daily life, encourage Cadets and spectators to adopt Yoga in their daily routine to stay fit and develop a sense of self-discipline & self-awareness.


Cyber Jagrukta Diwas. HQ ANC observed Cyber Jagrukta Diwas on 02 Nov 22. In this, lectures and demonstrations were conducted, making personnel aware of the pitfalls on various online activities and the steps necessitated to mitigate such risks. The event was heavily subscribed.